Atelier Monolit is a creative studio specialized in visualization and architecture.

As most architects, our passion for design turned into a way of life. We’re always striving to emphasize the qualities of our ideas through bold images and animations, thus visualization became second nature.


We are always dedicated to challenge the status-quo and to give our work a certain touch that captures the zeitgeist, yet remain well aware of the interactions architecture sets with the environment and it’s impact on life. We basically love what we do (the challenge is to get out of the office more) and that’s why we provide a unique project, each time.

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the TEAM

Vlad Andrei Popa

CEO and Co-Founder/Architect
In charge of: management, architecture, 3D
Weapon of choice: 3ds Max
Out of the office (rarely): cycling, diving, skiing

Ioan Ralea-Toma

Creative Director and Co-Founder/Architect
In charge of: architecture, design, post-production
Weapon of choice: Photoshop
Out of the office: basketball, photography, more coffee