We provide professional still images and animations for architectural projects.
Atelier Monolit pursues an unique approach in visualization, enhancing the qualities of the concept, underlining the mood, atmosphere, architectonic details, through light, materiality, entourage and potential stories.  We believe that each image should appeal to our emotions, our feelings,  through a controlled balance between photorealism and abstraction. As architects, we can easily relate to any challenges a project involves.


We approach every project with a thorough analysis of what they should be and we deliver a result tailored to your needs. We deal with concept development and working documentation (plans, sections, furniture).
Architecture is life. It is the framework of our daily habits with a huge impact on our personal history and in the same time, a reflection of us as a whole.  At Atelier Monolit we are well aware of the importance of the build environment and its potential to enhance the human existence.


Designing never stops and we’ll always help you take each project a step further. We are also proficient in illustration, graphic, product and service design.

Since our main focus is architecture and CGI, this gives as an advantage in designing as we always incorporate elements from different domains.  The key to success in this field is often a fusion of the least expected factors.